Our Teen Driver Programs
Safe driving is a priority for Toyota. As a major automotive company in America, Toyota is committed to helping the community and
playing a significant role in reducing the rate of fatalities and crashes among young drivers. Toyota Driving Expectations is a series of
programs designed to empower and educate teens and parents about driving and road safety. All programs are complimentary.
On The Road - Defensive Driving Course In Your High School - The Road Ahead Assembly At Your Local Dealership - Teen Driver Safety Clinic On The Web - Toyota Teen Driver
A hands-on, behind the wheel defensive driving course for parents and teens that includes multiple driving courses and classroom instruction. Toyota Driving Expectations – On The Road has been offered since 2004. An assembly with NHRA Pro Stock Race Driver, Erica Enders, encourages teens to stay focused on achieving their personal goals and eliminating distractions while navigating THE ROAD AHEAD - safely. A non-driving interactive Teen Driver Safety Clinic that provides pre-drivers and new drivers and their parents with car care basics to prepare for the road ahead. Toyotateendriver.com is a comprehensive website designed to help teens avoid distractions, and offers tools, resources and competitions for educators, teens and parents.