On The Road
Toyota established the FREE safe teen driving program in 2004 to supplement standard driving education courses with real-time opportunities to learn about defensive driving, the impact of distractions, and safe habits. The 2.5-hour course involves both driving time and classroom discussions, and is unique for requiring the participation of a parent or guardian to support coaching within the family so they can continue to act as role models and teachers at home. Nearly 21,000 teens and parents have participated in the “On the Road” Toyota Driving Expectations program which was among the first to understand the importance of and include parents in safe driving programs for teen drivers.
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Toyota Driving Expectations - On The Road is a defensive driving course for teens and parents that includes multiple driving courses and classroom instruction.

A FREE hands-on, 2.5 hour driving course taught by professional facilitators and drivers, the curriculum for Toyota Driving Expectations - On The Road program was developed in partnership with multiple organizations committed to safe driving, including the National Safety Council and the Defensive Driving Academy in California. The program is designed for teens and parents alike.

  • Define and introduce defensive driving
  • Identify dangerous driving situations
  • Demonstrate what a car can and cannot do
  • Navigate through a distracted driving course and various defensive maneuvers
  • Creative coaching tools to use with your teens
  • Clarify parameters of responsible driving
  • Establish rules for the privilege of driving

We are currently planning our schedule for the On The Road Program. Thank you for your interest and please check back soon for updates.

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