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Toyota offers a FREE “Teen Driver Safety Clinic” for teens and their parents at select Toyota dealerships. During this program, teens and their parents learn more about vehicle dynamics and safety features, defensive driving, distracted driving and the importance of vehicle maintenance. This non-driving program offers parents and teens an opportunity to learn safe driving tips by professional instructors in a non-sales environment inside their local Toyota dealerships.
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Toyota Driving Expectations - At Your Local Dealership program, is an interactive Teen Driver Safety Clinic that provides pre-drivers and new drivers and their parents with car care basics to prepare for the road ahead.

This FREE 2.5 hour non-driving interactive session provides both pre-driver and new-driver teens, as well as their parents, a beyond basics approach to road safety. It includes car care tips, coaching techniques and other practical tools in a safe, non-sales environment. Families participate in hands-on activities in class and around the car to promote safe-driving behavior.
This interactive clinic will cover topics such as:
  • Defensive driving "universal truths" and best practices
  • Understanding your vehicle’s performance dynamics
  • Dangerous driving distractions and how to avoid them
  • Car operations, safety features and basic maintenance fundamentals
  • Communication and coaching tips for parents and teens
  • Mutual driving agreements for pre-driver/new-driver teens and their parents